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 Post subject: To be a perfect employee- Freshers must read
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:16 pm 

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1. Respect. Respect others with whom you work everyday.
What is respect? Respect comes in many different forms.
The following are just a few examples
co-workers. Take the time to give a
pleasant greeting to your co-workers even when you may be
having a difficult time. You will be known as someone who
is pleasant to work with, and guess what; more opportunities
will come your way. Also, you can break out of a bad mood
and become more productive at work if you are pleasant to
* Respect the work of others. Appreciate the time and
efforts of co-workers and let them know. You may not agree
on the final product, but you can respect the time and effort
put into the project.
* Respect others by practicing the Golden Rule?well sort of.
The Golden Rule states ?Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you.? Well, there are many people, because of
their poor self-esteem, who like to be ?dumped on?
emotionally and physically. If we follow the Golden Rule,
does that mean that these same people should ?dump on?
their fellow co-workers? Of course not! Treat your co-
workers with the utmost respect and appreciation they
2. Knowledge. Knowledge is the key. The workplace is
constantly changing. Even the look of change is changing.
Also, change is happening faster and faster. Just look
around you in society, work, and technology. The only way
to master change is to gain the knowledge to be ahead of

Take the time to learn not only about your present job, but
also about your future job opportunities. This will make you
a more valuable employee. Also, take time to learn about the
job that is one level above your present position. When this
position becomes available, you will be in a better position to
receive a promotion.

Also take responsibility for your knowledge. Time and time
again I hear the following:
?Well, my company won?t pay for the class, so I?m not going
to take the class.?

I say to that, ?Find the way to gain the knowledge!? There
are too many educational options not to have the
knowledge. Whether you pay for it yourself, receive online
training, volunteer, etc., there are ways to receive knowledge.

Remember, once you receive knowledge it is your knowledge
to take anywhere you go in life.

3. Communication. Communicate, communicate, and
communicate. Talking is one half of the communication
process. Listening is the other and sometimes the most
important part of the communication process. Listening
means being open-mined to new ideas.

Communication also means learning how to give and receive
feedback. Giving feedback means giving feedback that is
honest and fair and leaves the person wanting to do better.
Receiving feedback means information given to you, and it
may include questions for clarity and understanding about
what needs to be done.

Communication is also good follow-up with employees and
management. Do you inform your managers or co-workers
about the process or changes in the project on which you
are working?

4. Appreciation. Appreciate to motivate others. Be
accountable for your words. Once you say something, it?s
hard to take it back.

Show and give praise to others in the workplace. Work at
finding them doing something good and praise them (Read
my article Appreciate to Motivate.). The more you do this,
the more you will tear down barriers and motivate others in
the workplace.

5. Solutions. Be a solution creator, not a problem dictator.
Anyone can find problems; but the employee who can find a
problem or challenge and create a solution is an employee
that can write his/her own ticket for success. Take it upon
yourself to be a part of the solution and not a part of the

Ask yourself these questions:
* What is the positive that can come out of this challenge?
* What will I learn from this challenge?
* What are some solutions I can present?
* How will I present my solutions so that the organization
sees the immediate benefits?

Apply these techniques and you, too, will become the
perfect employee.

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