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Kanbay placement Papers

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Kanbay Sample Paper #1

1.   What is implied in the following sentence, During war the two countries formed allied.
         I) There was war
         II) the two countries are companions
         a) I only b) II only c) I & II both d) neither I or II
2.  What is the conclusion from the following sentence
        A group of people are rich
        A group of people are educated
        I) Rich are educated 
        II) A group of people are neither rich or educated
        a) I only b) II only c) both I & II d) none of these
3.  What is implied from the following .All fathers are sons. No father is educated
         I) All sons are educated
         II) All fathers are uneducated                                                                                 
         a) I only b) II only c) I & II both d) neither I or II                                                                 
4. All Donkey are Elephant .All Elephants are Cat
       a) All Cats are elephant
       b) All Elephants are donkey
       c) All cats are Donkey
       d) All Donkeys are cat
       i) only a ii) only b & c iii) all the above iv) a ,b&c ( i'm not sure of the answer & option)
5.  4 set of words are given out of which one is odd man ,find it?

       a) sigh b) cough c) talk d) sniff
6  Two question in which 4 option of jumble words are given find the odd man out
     a) llatfoob b) rictek c) llasm d) nisnet
     (Except one all are representing games football,cricket & tennis)
7. (I don't remember)
8. ABCD are on the 4 corner of the square each has to pass the sides of a square once
    they move in clockwise direction which one is true
    ans... B is south-east of D
9. On seeing a portray a person says "he is the son of my father ,my father has only one daughter"
    How many children does the person's father have
     ans) cann't be determined

10. Average of three numbers A,B,C is 17 when A is replaced by D the average increases by 2
      what is the value of D?
       a)16 b)18 c)12 d) none of these                                                                        
       ans) d.
11.   Mr.Mukherjee has two sons Ashok ,Sham.Mr & Mrs sharma have 2 children Rekha & Anand
        If Rekha is married to sham & they have 2 children priya & Kamal then how is anand related to priya     

        a)uncle b)maternal uncle c)brother d) none of these
12.   Question from the same passage 
       Two cubes are kept together that it has two faces and 6 sides they are brushed with red paint then it was cut 

        into 25 pieces
13. How many side of the cube will have at least 2 side painted
14. How many side would not have only one side painted
15.  If two days from tomorrow is Thursday then what will be 2 days before yesterday
      a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) none of these
16.  What is the day on 1978 Jan 12
        a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Friday d) Wednesday
17.Find the number in the space
       4 3 8 
       9 ? 1
       2 7 6
       a)4 b)5 c)2 d) none of these
      In the below question the Facts are not Exactly the same but it's the same type a&b play hockey and football 

      .d&c play football & tennis . b&c play Cricket & tennis c&a play hockey and tennis. based on these 2 question 

18  Who play all the four games
19. Who play hockey ,tennis and football  (i am not sure with the question)
        Here if a is true then answer is c.
       if both a&b are true then answer is b.                                                                     
      if b is true then answer is d.
      if both are wrong then answer is a.
20,21 & 22 are like this type
20. If the flight starts at Hong Kong at 1 am local time it reach London 7pm find the travel time?
      a) it takes 7 hours to reach from Hong Kong to London
      b) in Hong Kong it is 7am local time
      (i am not sure with timing and the question exactly same)
23. If Kamal is coded as IVSVT then what is VIMAL
24. Series question like 1,5,11,......... (not sure)
25  _11_11_01_01_01
       a)00000     b)01110   c)10001    d)11111  like this type of question 
26 like the above type another question  with alphabets
27) 28) 29) 30)
1. An unbiased coin is tossed 8 times what is the probability of getting at least 6 heads.

 2. There are 6red ,4 white,3black balls what is the probability of drawing 2 red balls.

 3. There are two pipes p,q which can empty a container at 24hr,32hr respectively.both the pipes are opened
     simultaneously after what time should the first pipe be closed so that the container is emptied in 16minutes.
4. A lady bought 7pineapples and 5 oranges for 38rupees.what is the cost of each pineapple.
5. x+y=40,(1/x)+(1/y)=60.what is the value of x,y

6. n+m+p=0,n is positive,m>n.what is the value of p?
     a)p<0     b)p>0        c)       d)
      ans:p<0   (not exactely the same.a model)
     Total number of students appeared for the test 500                                                      
      2 passed in maths 
      6 passed in english
      48 passed in social science
      4 failed in english
      120 failed in maths
7. No of people failed totally 

8.No of people attended the test