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We promote a group for all our entry level or fresh job seekers all over india.We are just maintaining this yahoo group but you fresh job seekers are real players in this group.

We need help from you all to get the latest freshers job openings.This job alert will notify you about the latest opnings for freshers mainly in the software industry.

View our job list for old freshers job listing.


But you fresh job seekers should help us to maintan this group.Let us know about all the freshers job openings and we will let you know about your missing entry level job openings.

Few questions that always comes into your mind

Why i am missing freshers opening ?

Because you notice only few freshers job opening say just 5%(you are missing 95%).Inform your 5% and get another 60-80%

What happen if i inform everybody about this?

If you inform or not, there will be enough candidates for the interview.So better inform and get informed.

Steps to Join.

1. Send a mail to

2. You will get a confirmation mail from the group.Follow the step in that mail to confirm.Done.

3.You will get an approval mail after we approve your membership.

Now you are part of and you will be getting all the freshers opening. Also send us openings (Only genuine please!!!)