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Technical Questions , DataBase Questions

Below are few DataBase related interview questions which is frequently asked in interview.This DataBase interview questions are only meant for DataBase skilled candidates.

Please send us if you have different interview questions.

    1. What are two methods of retrieving SQL?
    2. What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?
    3. What action do you have to perform before retrieving data from the next result set of a stored procedure?
    4. What is the basic form of a SQL statement to read data out of a table?
    5. What structure can you have the database make to speed up table reads?
    6. What is a "join"?
    7. What is a "constraint"?
    8. What is a "primary key"?
    9. What is a "functional dependency"? How does it relate to database table design?
    10. What is a "trigger"?
    11. What is "index covering" of a query?
    12. What is a SQL view?

      SQL Server
      1.What are primary keys and foreign keys?
      2.What is the difference between clustered and non-clustered indices? ...and why do you use a clustered index?
      3.What is an outer join?
      4.What are Cartesian joins?
      5.How is referential integrity enforced in a SQL Server database?
      6.What are the inserted and deleted tables and what are they used for?
      7.What is the name of the SQL language used in SQL Server stored procedures?
      8.What is the purpose of having stored procedures in a database?
      9.Why might you create a stored procedure with the 'with recompile' option?
      10.What is a cursor? Within a cursor, how would you update fields on the row just fetched?

      SQL, Oracle, Pro*C/C++
      1.What are the different types of joins?
      2.Explain normalization with examples.
      3.What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?
      4.Difference between a "where" clause and a "having" clause
      5.What is the difference between "procedure" and "function"?
      6.How will you copy the structure of a table without copying the data?
      7.How to find out the database name from SQL*PLUS command prompt?
      8.Talk about "Exception Handling" in PL/SQL?
      9.What is the difference between "NULL in C" and "NULL in Oracle?"
      10.What is Pro*C? What is OCI?

      Oracle Concepts and Architecture Database Structures
      1.What are the components of physical database structure of Oracle database?
      2.What are the components of logical database structure of Oracle database?
      3.What is a tablespace?What is SYSTEM tablespace and when is it created?
      5.Explain the relationship among database, tablespace and data file.
      6.What is schema?
      7.What are Schema Objects?
      8.Can objects of the same schema reside in different tablespaces?
      9.Can a tablespace hold objects from different schemes?
      10.What is Oracle table?