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Technical Questions , DataWare housing


Below are few DataWare housing related interview questions which is frequently asked in interview.This DataWare housing interview questions are only meant for DataWare housing skilled candidates.

Please send us if you have different interview questions.


Dataware Housing Interview Questions(ETL, Business Intelligence,Abinitio)

General :

1. What is a data-warehouse?
2. What are Data Marts?
4. What is ER Diagram?
5. What is a Star Schema?
6. What is Dimensional Modelling?
7. What is Snow Flake Schema?

ETL Questions:
1. What is a staging area? Do we need it? What is the purpose of a staging area?
2. What is a three tier data warehouse?
3. What are the various methods of getting incremental records or delta records from the source systems?

Business Intelligence:
1. What is Business Intelligence?
2. What is OLAP?
3. What is OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP, DOLAP, HOLAP? Examples?


1.What is the function you would use to transfer a string into a decimal?
2.How many parallelisms are in Abinitio? Please give a definition of each.
3.What is the difference between a DB config and a CFG file?