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About Dell

Headquartered in Round Rock - Texas, Dell is a trusted and diversified information-technology supplier

and partner, and sells a comprehensive portfolio of products and services directly to customers worldwide.

Dell, recognized by Fortune magazine as America's most admired company and No. 3 globally*, designs, builds

and delivers innovative, tailored systems that provide customers with exceptional value. Dell's remarkable

climb to market leadership is the result of a persistent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience.

Revenue for the past four quarters totaled $49.2 billion*. The company manufactures its computer systems at six

locations: Central Texas and Middle Tennessee in the United States: Eldorado do Sul, Brazil; Limerick, Ireland;

Penang, Malaysia; and Xiamen, China. Dell sells its products and services worldwide. Dell was founded in 1984 by

Michael Dell, the computer industry's longest-tenured chief executive officer and currently, the company's chairman,

on a simple concept: a direct model. Dell's Direct Model is built on the principle that by selling computer systems

directly to customers, Dell could best understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing

solutions to meet those needs.

For more information about this company visit their home site at Dell

Dell Interview Procedure

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