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About Us

Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting firm focused on the communications industry.

With the convergence of media and telecom, the changing landscape of the telecom industry is becoming extremely competitive. As companies rapidly strive to gain a competitive advantage, Tech Mahindra helps companies innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and flexible partnering models. This has helped our customers reduce operating costs and generate new revenue streams.

Recognizing that margins from connectivity are rapidly falling and that future growth in revenues and margins will only come from new applications, content and services, operators today are busy addressing business opportunities revolving around Commerce, Content, Convergence and Customer Experience to gain a sustainable Competitive Advantage.

At Tech Mahindra, we understand this.

Tech Mahindra is the Leading provider of IT Solutions to the Telecom industry

For more information about this company visit their home site at MBT

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