[Answer] 3. What is unusual about Amish dolls?

3. What is unusual about Amish dolls?
They don’t have faces: is the answer of 3. What is unusual about Amish dolls? for which our team have given the answer with explanation after extensive research so that you won’t have trouble finding the answer.

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3. What is unusual about Amish dolls?

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The options / explanation to this question is …1. They all have beards
2. They only operate on electricity
3. They don’t have faces
4. They all come with buggies
The vast majority of Amish dolls are made with no hair or faces. They do however wear hats and bonnets. The reason behind the missing facial details is that the Amish believe they are conforming to the biblical commandment warning against graven images. The Amish are a group of fundamentalist Christians who believe in living simply, dressing plainly, and avoiding as many technological conveniences as possible. They are of Swiss, German and Dutch descent from the original 200 settlers of this faith who immigrated to Pennsylvania early in the 18th century. Because of their practice of marrying within their own religion, the Amish are prone to several inherited genetic disorders. However, the positive side to their society is that, because of their clean-living and eating lifestyle, they are considerably healthier in other areas than most other Americans. This includes cancer percentages.

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3. What is unusual about Amish dolls?

The correct answer is
They don’t have faces:

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